Buy Shinkansen bullet train tickets now

Which city do you want to go ?
  • Shin-osaka2.5hUSD14450
  • Kyoto2.5hUSD13910
  • Hiroshima4hUSD18870
  • Hakata5hUSD22950
  • Nagoya1.5hUSD11090
  • Kyoto
  • Tokyo2.5hUSD13910
  • Shin-yokohama2hUSD13250
  • Hiroshima1.5hUSD11410
  • Hakata3hUSD16060
  • Shin-osaka
  • Tokyo2.5hUSD14450
  • Shin-yokohama2.5hUSD14120
  • Hakata2.5hUSD15310
  • Nagoya50mUSD6560
  • Kumamoto3hUSD18850
  • Nagoya
  • Tokyo1.5hUSD11090
  • Shin-osaka50mUSD6560
  • Hiroshima
  • Tokyo4hUSD18870
  • Shin-yokohama3.5hUSD18760
  • Kyoto1.5hUSD11410
  • Shin-yokohama
  • Shin-osaka2.5hUSD14120
  • Kyoto2hUSD13250
  • Hiroshima3.5hUSD18760
  • Hakata
  • Tokyo5hUSD22950
  • Kyoto3hUSD16060
  • Shin-osaka2.5hUSD15310
  • Kumamoto30mUSD5130
  • Kagoshima-chuo1.5hUSD10450
  • Kumamoto
  • Shin-osaka3.5hUSD18540
  • Hakata30mUSD5130
  • Kagoshima-chuo
  • Shin-osaka4hUSD21900
  • Hakata1.5hUSD10450
  • Problem
    Reserving a bullet train seat from abroad is a complex and somewhat confusing process, and leaving for Japan without at the guarantee of getting a seat can lead to many headaches.
    We will purchase bullet train tickets for you and mail them to wherever you will be staying in Japan, in advance. No need to line up in crowded stations, or wrestle with the local language if you are not accustomed to it.
    How it works
    1. Order
    Choose the train of your choice and pay the total amount. It is possible to purchase safely via PayPal or credit card.
    2. Delivery
    J-Pilot reserves the train of your choice in Japan, and then sends you the ticket to your Japanese address / hotel in advance.
    Please collect the ticket sent by J-Pilot from reception when you check into your hotel.
    Please refer to our FAQ page if there is anything that isn't clear. Alternatively, email us at
    The tickets will be sent to your place of stay within Japan.
    • It takes about four days after ordering for your order to reach its destination.
    • Please note that depending on the hotel, there are cases where it is not possible for them to handle mail sent in advance of your stay.
    No queueing
    Don’t waste time with lineups and having to wrestle with the local language if you are not accustomed to it. let J-Pilot streamline the entire process in three easy steps.
    Window seats
    Bullet trains are usually crowded, and If you do not guarantee yourself a seat, you may find yourself needing to stand up during your trip. By reserving your seat in advance, you will be able to see Mt. Fuji, and enjoy the beautiful Japanese countryside in style.
    Peace of mind
    Plan ahead and avoid having to deal with any unforeseen circumstances by securing you Shinkansen tickets beforehand.
    Is it possible to ensure a seat next to the person we are traveling with ?
    In the case of a reservation for multiple people, we will endeavor to seat everyone as close as possible. However this may not be possible if the train is crowded.
    Will I get a refund in the event that I cannot make a reservation due to the train being fully booked ?
    A full refund will be paid back to you if you cannot book a train for the date/time you had hoped for due to the train being fully booked, or due to there being no train available at the time you had hoped to travel.
    Do you accept cancellations ?
    It is possible to cancel if we haven't already sent the ticket. We will refund you back in full. Please contact us via email at if you wish to make a cancellation.
    Relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Japan as it flows by the window at 300km/h.